student exchange program

matthew flinders anglican college is a place where students are encouraged to explore new horizons and develop as ethical, aware and empowered citizens with the desire and skills to make a positive contribution to the wider world.

our college has close relationships with several overseas schools, giving our students the opportunity to participate in reciprocal exchanges as a school group or individual. this benefits our students and enables them to build competencies, such as ‘leadership’ as they learn to communicate and collaborate well, and ‘contribution’ as they become informed citizens who are attuned to their environment and take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

flinders students travel in groups to chile, france, japan, new caledonia and denmark, where they enjoy unique educational and cultural experiences whilst hosted by school families. in return, groups from these schools are hosted by flinders families.

our college is facilitating a growing number of reciprocal individual exchanges, mostly in year 10, with students spending up to three months at schools in england, france, japan, new zealand and switzerland.

for more information on flinders student exchange program, please contact our college’s student exchange co-ordinator.